How To Prevent and Stop Matted Hair In the Nape of the Neck

Profit from Styling Gear Created Particularly for Wigs – A plastic or rubber comb is more likely to construct up unfavorable costs on the surface space then result in static within the hair. Profit from a styling comb and brush which can be specifically designed for wigs.

In instances when a plastic comb and brush are wanted, sparingly spray the instruments with an anti-static agent very like Static Guard® earlier than styling to create a defense to cease the static.

Take away the Wig Combs – A lot of wigs may be purchased with wig combs within the nape space. These are usually included for safety, nevertheless, numerous the locks within the nape space end in being ensnared within the connected combs.

Alter your wig by eliminating the combs after which working along with a wig gripper or maybe adjustable straps to proceed to maintain your wig in place.

Freely Spray Hair with Water & Cloth Softener – Artificial wigs regularly undergo a lack of some model and design at any time when the strands produce static electrical energy and cling.

Cloth material softener is comprised of blends of components which have an optimistic cost that usually ends in a stability between the ions.

Artificial hair does not include real moisture corresponding to pure hair, for that purpose, it’s slightly dry. Cloth softener takes on the job of being a hassle-free and extremely efficient conditioning agent.

• Use 2 elements material softener with two elements cool water.
• Add the water with softener right into a sprayer bottle then mix totally.
• Spritz the wig with the concoction after which enable the unit to air dry totally earlier than styling.

Finger Comb or Detangle Your Tresses All through the Day – Longer tresses are inclined to cluster up across the nape space when carrying necklaces along with over-sized collars.

Finger comb and detangle your entire hair routinely over the course of the day to manage hair accumulating within the troubled space.

Keep away from Excessive Temperatures – Keep away from subjecting your current wig to excessive quantities of warmth. Be aware whereas round very cookers, stoves, and even barbecue grills.

The fibers of artificial wigs will undoubtedly be fully destroyed just because the warmth would most probably singe the hair.

And moreover, stay away from an extreme quantity of daylight together with a heated neckline (extreme sweating).

Costume Your self in Easy, Gentle-Gliding Clothes – Modern clothes and materials assist the tresses to maneuver effortlessly and casually without static, friction or snags.

Incorporate Further Wefts within the Nape Space – Mixing a further weft to the decrease part of the namespace has the flexibility to weigh the hair down. In doing so, it’ll regulate unnecessary motion throughout the again.

Make Full Use of an Atypical Dryer Sheet – Merely simply rub a cloth sheet alongside the nape part to get rid of static cling.

Add Gentle Oil – Flip your head of hair to reasonably mix oil into your strands.
Using oil is usually not advisable for synthetic strands, then once more, we have discovered light-weight Moroccan oil or Shea Moisture Edge Therapy is extraordinarily efficient.

Detangle Hair Completely on the Finish of the Day – Free your hair model of each tangle earlier than settling on the top of the day.
It’s strongly advised that your wig is unattached nightly.

Ideally, in cases, the place you’re unable to perform this, detangle your hair, pull the hair collectively into an elevated clip or bun then merely sleep on a satin pillowcase.

Bobby Pins are Extremely Helpful – As the last level, bobby pins are extremely useful!

This straightforward and straightforward methodology will definitely eliminate the tangling in addition to the matting; to not point out improve the life-span of your hair and extensions.

• Carry the hair in your nape space
• Half away a ½ inch throughout the bottom a part of the nape
• Elevate the parted part and pin it up into the unfastened hair

Apart from discouraging the matted hair, this method goes to really create quantity with a light-weight bounce to your hairdo.


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